25 Grooming Tips To Transform Your Horse

If you always want your horse to look his or her best, grooming well should be part of your everyday routine. Whether you need to wow judges in show rings, or you simply like your horse to be well presented, even if you are only taking them along the trails, we’ve put together 25 of our top grooming tips that will transform your horse.

1 Thoroughly groom your horse before and after exercise. You don’t want trapped sweat and dirt to cause skin irritations!

2 Always keep your brushes clean. Not only can you not do a proper job of cleaning with dirty brushes, but they will also last longer if you clean them properly.

3 Don’t use your brushes on other horses, as this can cause fungal infections. Keep them separate.

4 Curry your horse every day for a healthy coat. Currying your horse every day will help to bring the natural oils to the surface!

5 You may need to use a special winter curry brush that helps to remove hair as your horse sheds in the winter, but a rubber

6 Wait for dirt and sweat to dry before you try to brush it out, unless you are hosing your horse down.

7 When currying, brush in circular motions, to pull up hairs and not brush over trapped dust and dirt.

8 Use a good quality dandy brush to remove the dirt and dust after currying. Use a long flat stroke, with a flick of the wrist at the end to lift the dust.

9 Use a dandy brush to brush the dock of your horse’s tail every day. Not only does this remove dirt and stop him itching, it stimulates tail growth.

10 Use a soft brush on your horse’s face, as the skin is delicate there, so take extra care.

11 Use coat polish sprays straight after bathing your horse. If you do this regularly it will actually help stop dirt sticking!

12 Soft sponges hold more water, so it’s a great idea to use a soft sponge when bathing your horse.

13 Before allowing your horse to spend lots of time in the sun, make sure you rinse the sweat from his coat, as sweat accelerates the natural bleaching process the sun has on his coat!

14 If your horse has pink skin, he may need to wear sunscreen to prevent a pink and potentially painful nose!

15 Omega 3 oils don’t just help keep your horse’s joints healthy – they can add shine to his coat too! Speak to your vet about the best way to introduce them to your horse’s diet.

16 Pick your horse’s hooves every day, and replace the pick when it is no longer easy to use. Picks are cheap, so always use a sharp one!

17 Use a hoof conditioner at least once a week to keep his hooves in nice condition.

18 Clipping your horse dulls the coat, so if you are going to be clipping for a show, do it a couple of weeks beforehand to allow it time to get its shine back.

19 When clipping your horse, never clip inside your horse’s ears, as the hair there protects him from dust and flies.

20 Equine stain removers are fantastic for getting rid of manure or grass stains, particularly if your horse is gray.

21 Colour enhancing shampoos can work wonders when it comes to bringing out the natural highlights in your horse’s coat, and restoring it’s true colour.

22 Use a tail bag to protect your horse’s tail and keep it long and thick. But make sure you still clean it regularly!

23 To avoid accidentally squirting your horse in the face when hosing him down, direct the stream of water from the front to the back.

24 In cold weather, if it is too cold to bathe your horse, still make sure you sponge down his face, neck, girth and saddle areas to clean off any sweat.

25 Use a wool or fleece cooler on your horse after bathing to reduce chill, and help his coat’s natural wicking process to dry him.

Remember, grooming your horse is a great chance to bond, as well as an opportunity to check for any injury. Look after your horse and keep him looking shiny and beautiful whatever the occasion!


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