7 Equestrian Dads

7 Equestrian Dads

Equestrian dads from the fixer to the driver.

Today we are honouring all those horsey dads out there who have been around,
day in, day out to help their horse mad sons and daughters. If you started
riding from a young age, you’ll be very used to mum and dad being around to
lend a helping hand. All our dads are unique but horsey dads have a few things in
common from pro horsebox driver to fixer of every.

Here’s our list of 7 typical equestrian dads…



The Driver –

When it comes to days out with the horses, dad is the one to turn to. An
excellent driver and they’re always a pro when it comes to parking the horsebox
or trailer.

Holder of the horse –

Whether you’re nipping for a drink, to get changed or you just need to spruce
up your horse, dads are the masters of holding a horse. They’re always the
first on hand to catch that loose horse at a show too.

The sleeper –

Show days consist of early mornings and a lot of sitting around if you’re
not riding. Dads can often be seen walking around the showground and then resting
their eyes in the horsebox or trailer while they wait.

The fixer –

If there is ever anything to fix around the yard, on the trailer or horsebox
dad is sure to be the one to fix it.

The craftsman –

As well as being able to fix everything they can also turn their hand to a
spot of woodwork too. Need some jumps making? No problem!

Heavy lifter –

It’s always nice to have some help around the yard and who better to help than
dad, those haybales won’t shift themselves!

The photographer –

You’ve spent a lot of time and effort getting you and your horse ready for
the show and you want some nice pictures to remember the day, that’s where dad
comes in. Just when you think they can do no more this HGV driver, Monty Roberts
expert and now a pro photographer!

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