A quick guide to winter riding clothing

The UK has enjoyed a very mild autumn and a slow start to winter in 2016.  Temperatures have been well above the seasonal average for all of October, however, since the start of November we have seen the temperatures drop and parts of the UK have already had their first snowfall of the season.

Along with the change of season comes the need for us to change our riding clothing for items that will keep us warm and dry while still allowing a good range of movement as we ride. If your winter apparel could do with a refresh, read on for our recommendations of the best winter riding clothing.


An essential part of any rider’s winter clothing has to be a good quality jacket. By keeping out the wind, rain and cold, a good riding jacket will enable you to stay in the saddle longer.

When choosing a jacket to ride in, we’d recommend that you put a breathable jacket high up on your list. A breathable jacket will keep the water and wind out while allowing your body to breathe while you exercise.

Other features that are high on our list of wants for a good quality riding jacket are panelled sleeves that allow freedom of movement, adjustable wrists that prevent water from entering and a storm flap that covers the zip to help keep the jacket windproof.

At Derby House we have a great range of wet weather and waterproof clothing for men, women and children. Our careful selection of waterproof jackets has something for all tastes and budgets.


Waterproof trousers are another essential part of your winter riding wardrobe. When choosing a good pair of riding waterproofs it is worth looking for ones that have a high waist that will sit up inside your waterproof jacket and also to have Velcro or poppered closures at the ankles so that you can get good seal around your riding boots.

One issue that riders often find when wearing full waterproof trousers is that they lose grip in the saddle due in part to the finish of the waterproofs and the smooth leather of the saddle. Our own brand Derby House Waterproof Riding Trousers have suede panels in the seat and knee areas which allow for much greater grip and control in the saddle.

Winter-Proof Your Wellies    

Working in the yard can be a real chore when you have cold feet so we’d recommend that you treat yourself to some wonderfully warm welly socks. Welly socks are longer and thicker than normal socks, with reinforced toes and heels. Good welly socks can even help prevent you from developing blisters.


An essential requirement for riding gloves is that you retain grip of the reins whilst riding. Look for gloves that have a thin but textured outer that allows you to feel the reins while retaining a good grip.

Our top recommendation for winter gloves would be these Thinsulate lined gloves from Toggi. They have an adjustable wrist strap so that you get a perfect fit and the Thinsulate lining makes the gloves snug and warm whilst remaining thin enough to get a good feel of the reins.


We hope you’ve found our winter riding clothing guide helpful. If you’d like any of these winter riding clothing items wrapped up under the Christmas tree this year, why not leave this page open on your laptop as a hint to your loved ones?


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