Horse Grooming Tips And Tricks

We all have our own little grooming tips and tricks up our sleeves but sometimes we can be left wondering what could I do to make my horse look even better.

Whether you’re fighting an endless battle to keep your grey clean or you’re preparing to wow the judges at the next show, we’ve got some easy grooming tips and tricks to help your horse shine.



Keeping your grooming brushes clean is essential, it avoids dirt going back onto your horse’s coat and it ensures they last longer too.

Pulling your horse’s mane after exercise will open your horse’s pores and makes the job easier.

A cactus cloth is an everyday lifesaver, it lifts dirt, grass, and manure stains with ease, perfect for those with greys.

Curry comb your horse’s coat in circular motions to remove deep down dirt and grease from the hair.  



When hosing your horse, work from the front to the back and the top to the bottom, this way you avoid splashing your horse in the face and the water flows off your horse naturally.

Wash your horse with soft sponges as they hold more water

Green washing up liquid is our go to for getting out those stubborn stains and for getting those white bits even whiter.

Don’t wash your horse too often. Over washing can strip the natural oils from your horse’s coat, which they need.

Show Prep

Brighten up your horses’ socks with baby powder or corn starch after washing.

Run dryer sheets through your horse’s mane and tail to remove any static electricity.

Baby oil and a small amount of highlighter is a great way to highlight your horse’s facial features.

Use mousse on your horse’s mane before plaiting to help keep those unruly hairs under control.

Glow from the inside out… Feeding your horse Omega 3 will help their coat shine naturally.

If you need to clip your horse before a show, clip 3-4 days before to allow any clipper marks to even out.

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