How do heat and massage pads benefit horses?

How do heat and massage pads benefit horses?

We all want our horses to be in top condition and great health, so to celebrate the launch of the new Equilibrium Products Massage Mitt Hotspot, we asked Equilibrium Products themselves to talk us through how heat and horse massage pads can benefit wellbeing.

Equilibrium Products Massage Mitt Hotspot and Massage Pad

What are the benefits of massage to horses?

Many factors lead to poor performance in horses, tension is one of the main ones. But how can we reduce it? Massage in horses is known for its relaxation effects, not only in humans but horses too. Having a more relaxed horse helps with the maintenance of muscle health and function and having a horse with healthy and relaxed muscles allows him to perform with suppleness.

The Equilibrium Products Massage Pad is a great way to offer massage to your horse effectively and efficiently – it’s proven at Myerscough College to promote relaxation in horses, as well as improve back flexibility by a huge 46%! The Massage Pad offers 3 types of massage: stroking, pulsing, and vibration, allowing the muscles to work differently for each. Each massage type can also be used in 3 different settings: low, medium, and high.

Horse Massage Pads are so versatile and can be used at various times to aid your horse’s wellbeing:

  •  Before exercising as part of a warm-up.
  • After exercising to aid the recovery process.
  • During box rest to maintain good circulation.
  • As part of your horse’s general maintenance routine on their day off.
  • As a treat.
  • To aid relaxation after travelling. 

The Massage Pad is also available in different sizes. We recommend opting for the Standard size if your horse is between 14.1hh and 16.1hh. Pony and XL sizes are available for horses on either side of that range.

What are the benefits of heat to horses?

The use of heat is beneficial for many different reasons. It’s especially beneficial to older horses, as well as young horses in training or those recruiting new muscles. It’s beneficial to use on horses who are returning to work after a period of rest, and even as part of a horse’s warm-up, or a nice treat for your horse.

Heat can help to:

  • Support healthy muscles and soft tissue.
  • Warm-up muscles or joints before exercise.
  • Maintain lymphatic function.
  • Increase metabolic and nerve activity.

Traditionally, horse owners may use a hot water bottle or a wheat bag to deliver heat to their horses, but there are many reasons the Massage Mitt Hotspot is a more effective way of doing so. The Hotspot is much safer – there’s no risk of burning your horse – it is set to reach the ideal warm temperature as shown by research, and will cut off to prevent overheating.

Some other reasons the Hotspot Horse Massage pads outweigh a hot water bottle or heat bag:

  • While a hot water bottle starts very hot – the Hotspot gradually heats to avoid a shock to the skin.
  • A hot water bottle cools very quickly – the Hotspot is set to maintain the correct temperature. 
  • A wheat bag loses a lot of its heat to the atmosphere – the Hotspot is insulated behind the heating element, meaning heat isn’t travelling backward towards the owners’ hand. 
  • No kettle required! The Hotspot is battery-powered to deliver 10 x 10-minute sessions. 
  • No need for washing covers – the Hotspot can easily be wiped clean.

The Hotspot is a great option if you want to be flexible on where you use it. It can be used on the neck, shoulders, back, hindquarters, or even the hamstrings. The best part is the mitt can be attached to a surcingle so you can secure it to your horse while you do other jobs around the yard. And if you’re feeling a bit worse for wear yourself, you can also use the Hotspot on your own lower back, neck, and shoulders.

Combining the Massage Pad and Massage Mitt Hotspot offers horse owners the best of both worlds. A targeted hand-held mitt to reach any muscle in the horse, using heat and massage, combined with the Massage Pad to work the muscles over the back. The Massage Combo is the ULTIMATE way to deliver massage and heat for your horse’s hardworking muscles.

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