Tried and Tested – Derby House Sparkle Breeches

We’ve selected some real riders to test out the new Derby House Elite High Waist Sparkle Breeches.

The Derby House Elite Sparkle Breeches are the latest addition to our legwear collection so we wanted to find out what you thought about this new arrival. We’ve picked some real riders to put these breeches through their paces. Here’s what they had to say:


Comfortable, practical and smart, the Elite Breeches from Derby House are the perfect addition to anyone’s equestrian wardrobe. The water-resistant material is perfect for ever changing British weather and I found the high waist very flattering. There is the right amount of bling on the belt line and pockets to add that extra bit of sparkle to your outfit and the full gel seat I found was great for giving me that much needed sticking power in the saddle! I found them comfortable to hack out, school and do yard work in and had lots of compliments from the other liveries at the yard. One thing I did find is that as I have bigger legs I did have to go up a size, although this is a minor thing as the breeches fit lovely. Actually, I’m very tempted to treat myself to another pair in navy!

Adele tests the Derby House Elite Sparkle Breeches


These breeches have the performance stretch fabric which feels as if they’re shaped to you optimising comfort both in and out of the saddle.
I managed to test them in all weather conditions thanks to the Great British summer! Come rain, wind and sunshine they didn’t falter once. There is a water repellent coating on the fabric which proved beneficial when caught in rain showers and even with the bitter wind (August where are you?!) cutting through, I didn’t get chilly. 
For those of us who have these fancy phones but can never fit them in pockets worry no more! I managed to get my brick of a phone into the pocket without it affecting my comfort. And whilst we’re on the subject of pockets I’m absolutely loving the sparkles.

A massive thank you to Derby House for allowing me to review one of their innovative designs.

Nicola tests the Derby House Elite Sparkle Breeches


I was thrilled to be selected to review the new Derby House breeches. I loved the packaging they arrived in, it was classy and added to the feeling that this was a high-quality product. The breeches were soft, comfortable and flexible, so made it easy to do jobs. I am new to the gel seat, as I have always stuck to the more traditional suede seat, so I was pleasantly surprised at the feel. One amazing feature of these breeches is that they are water resistant and I can report they actually are! I really feel the cold and on a rainy day, this can be even worse. These definitely made a difference. Some other features I liked are the proper front and back zipped pockets, and the lycra panels around the ankle which avoids any bulk under your boots.

I would recommend these breeches if you want to be smart, if you like to feel good, and if you like a bit of sparkle. The only problem is you will want them in more than one colour!

Bianca tests the Derby House Elite Sparkle Breeches


I feel very lucky to have been given the opportunity to test the Derby House sparkle breeches, and they didn’t disappoint! I wore the breeches for many days and they definitely got put to the test! I spent whole days in them doing usual yard duties, mucking out, filling haynets, doing feeds, poo picking fields, hacking and schooling! I felt comfortable in them during every wear, they didn’t lose their shape at all! 

During riding I didn’t feel restricted at all, ducking under branches easily while out hacking, they are all round comfortable riding breeches. They also have a full silicone seat which I personally love as I feel much more secure in the saddle.

The breeches washed really well, I washed them inside out and the sparkles are still in tact.

I would recommend these breeches and feel they are really reasonably priced. My personal favourite thing about them is the water resistance, they will come in super handy for winter and those rainy days!

Kirsty tests the Derby House Elite Sparkle Breeches


My first impression of the Elite breeches was the great quality, a little bit of bling but not over the top. 

I found once on they were on they are very comfortable, with a good high waist and appeared to be jodhpur length rather than breeches length (I am 5’7”) and made of a nice material.  They have huge hip pockets, which easily fits a mobile phone, sadly in the saddle, the phone is in the way in this pocket! 

Once riding the stickability in the saddle is amazing, you do not move, whether you are just going out for a hack, or doing an intense schooling session, you just do not move!!! 

I would thoroughly recommend these breeches, they are not normally the sort that I would go for as I am not really a person that does bling, but I love them and can happily wear them all day both in and out of the saddle.

Carol tests the Derby House Elite Sparkle Breeches

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