Could your horse benefit from the use of Magnets?

The benefits of magnets to horses

Experts in horse care, Equilibrium Products take us through the benefits that magnets have on horses. Their new Magnetic Rug uses this technology to support healthy muscle and joint function amongst other things.

What is a magnetic field?

A magnetic field is at the very foundation of life and all of the body’s systems are electromagnetic in nature. Even the process of cell division takes place due to magnetic energy.

The body’s cells have electromagnetic properties, and therefore it is thought that magnets can help promote healthy cellular activity in the body, as well as being beneficial to horses.

How can magnets benefit horses?

When it comes to horses, magnets can be used in a number of different cases to help to improve horses’ wellbeing.

  • Older horses.
  • Competition horses.
  • Rehabilitating horses.
  • Horses with limited turnout or on box rest.
  • General knocks and bumps.

Why choose Equilibrium Products?

The Equilibrium® Magnetic Range features unique Vitaflex® magnets, which are different to standard magnets normally found on the market. They are unique for several reasons.

  1. They are moveable. In the NEW Equilibrium® Magnetic Rug, you can target the neck, shoulder, back or hindquarters, depending on where your horse needs the magnets the most. Similarly in the Equilibrium® Magnetic Chaps you can target anywhere on the lower leg, including the hock using the Hind & Hock Magnetic Chaps.
  2. They present alternating poles to the body. Most magnets have a north and a south pole. Vitaflex® have concentric rings of alternating charges.
  3. They are comfortable for the horse to wear for long periods of time. We spend plenty of time looking after our horses every day, so the Equilibrium® Magnetic Range was designed to fit into your routine easily. The Magnetic Rug and Chaps are designed so you can leave them on overnight. As a result, the magnets are thin, flat and completely flexible; if your horse lies down or moves around, they won’t get in the way.
Equilibrium Magnetic Rug with Neck Rug – RRP £250.00

Other features of the Magnetic Rug

Designed with your horse’s wellbeing in mind, the NEW Equilibrium® Magnetic Rug allows you to target where you want to help support your horses’ mobility, joint function and maintain healthy muscles. Available with six 25cm moveable magnets which attach easily to the inner lining of the rug, meaning they are easy to wash as well as targeted. Featuring a detachable neck, anti-rub lining and plastic covered fillet string.

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