Keeping clean – Surviving the morning rush from the yard to work

Keeping clean – Surviving the morning rush from the yard to work

Changing rugs and mucking out. Here’s our survival guide for the morning dash from the stable to the office.

The morning dash to the stables before work can be stressful, from wrestling with rugs to mucking out. These yard jobs result in us leaving the yard looking far from our best. Arriving at the yard with straw in our hair and smelling like stables is not a good look. We’ve got some handy life hacks to help you survive the morning rush.

The hair – Dry Shampoo

If you’re lucky enough to find time to ride your horse on a morning, dry shampoo is a must. No matter how hard we try to position our hair before putting that hat on, our hair never looks the same as it did before. No one likes the sweaty hair look, bring your hair back to life with a quick spritz of dry shampoo.

Keeping clean – The yard outfit

Turning up to work smelling like Eau de stables isn’t for everyone. We recommend a yard outfit such as waterproof trousers, boots and a jacket. These will help prevent your work clothes smelling and your colleagues giving you a wide berth.

Clean hands – Gloves

As horse owners, we live with mud under our nails but to our non-horsey friends, it’s not a strong look. Wearing gloves while mucking out and grooming will prevent your hands from getting dirty.

Smell good – Toiletries

You’ve got your yard outfit ready but you still have to wrestle with rugs, turning out and mucking out. All these smelly jobs can make you hot and sweaty, so get those baby wipes and deodorant at the ready. A quick spritz will ensure you smell great too.

Looking good – Hair brush

We always make sure our horses look the part, however, more often than not are more than happy to come to the yard looking like we’ve not brushed our hair for a month. Keeping a hairbrush in the car to remove straw and shavings from your barnet will ensure you look presentable in the office.

Now you look and smell better and are ready for a day in the office.

What life hacks help you service the morning rush from the stable to the office?

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