Tried and Tested – Derby House Country Boots

Tried and Tested – Derby House Country Boots

We’ve asked product tester, Tara, to put the Derby House Country Boots to the test. Here’s what Tara had to say…


Derby House asked me to test their Country Boots and they have been great! I would definitely recommend them. When I first put them on they didn’t feel like they needed ‘breaking in’. They were comfy from day one and still feel just as comfy now. From wearing them around the yard to a day of clipping, my feet didn’t ache and they were always toastie warm.

The Derby House Country Boots
Fit and design

I found The country boots to be a good fit and true to size. Having the laces on the top really comes in handy. I don’t personally like having anything too baggy on my legs. You can adjust these ones accordingly, which is especially useful if you’re wearing waterproof leggings. I tuck mine in and tighten the laces when I’m riding. Better ankle support would be the only thing that could be improved with the County Boots. They are quite supple around the ankle. If you like more support around your ankle, these ones might not be for you. Overall, for their affordable price tag, you can’t really go wrong.


These boots are ideal for the yard and they are also smart enough to wear with some jeans if you’re popping to the shops. I have found these boots to be 100% waterproof and they are so easy to just wipe clean or wipe over with some saddle soap. The Country Boots have a really good sole and tread on them, after wearing them non stop for 4 weeks there are no signs of wear around the edge where the boot meets the bottom. They haven’t parted or worn at all, which I sometimes find is the first fault with an all-round country boot.


Overall I am very pleased with the Derby House Country Boots and would definitely purchase a pair and recommend them as an all-round pair of boots.


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