Equilibrium Net Relief Muzzle for Cavesson Fly Mask


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  • A truly innovative product providing effective relief from the symptoms of head shaking
  • The Equilibrium Net Relief Muzzle Net is one of the most effective products in controlling the symptoms of headshaking
  • Unlike traditional horse nose nets that cover the whole muzzle, its contoured, shaped design covers only the top half of the muzzle
  • Once in place, the nose net is unobtrusive, allows saliva to escape from the mouth freely and does not interfere with the horse's breathing
  • Improves the symptoms of 79% of headshaking sufferers in clinical trials
  • Attaches easily to a noseband
  • Adjustable to fit all horses and ponies
  • Made from contoured mesh for a comfortable fit over the muzzle
  • Equilibrium one-year guarantee