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Clipperman is a brand dedicated to providing you with exceptional clippers, trimmers and shearers for your horses and dogs. People clip for a number of reasons, but most commonly for comfort and appearance. In the winter months horses are clipped to reduce the amount of sweat during hard work, improving comfort and hygiene and in summer, trimmers can be used to tidy up stray hairs with precision and ease. Whatever your reason for clipping or the time of year Cliiperman offers a wide variety of both mains and battery operated clippers and trimmers as well as blades, oil and additional battery packs, you can be sure to find excatly what you need from a range that caters for everyone. Here at we offer a selection of the best selling Clipperman products such as the Baroness Mains Clipper, Joust Trimmer, Dragon Clipper, spare blades in varying sizes and clipper wash, everything you need to clip your horse with confidence.
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