The latest equestrian app – Huufe

Here at Derby House we’re super excited about the launch of Huufe, the equestrian app that rewards you for doing what you love – riding! The best part is that you can earn HuufeCoin to spend here at Derby House!

Earn HuufeCoin 

Track your rides to rack up your HuufeCoins. The more time you spend in the saddle, the more HuufeCoins you earn – you can then use them to purchase from us!



Analyse your ride

Track your rides and equine activities in the app to give you visibility of your horses performance and fitness levels as well as your own. Great for preparing for competition and reflecting on improvements you’ve made – all from your smart phone.


Capture the moment 

As you track your rides by GPS from your smartphone, you can capture the moment as you go. Any snaps and video’s that you take are a memento of your equestrian achievements and are stored in your personal equine profile.


Share the journey 

Share your equestrian achievements, photos, videos and rides with your horse-minded friends and family through the app. Browse your friends and family through their profiles, like and comment on their photos and equine accomplishments.


Join the community 

Share, discuss and discover as part of the Huufe community. Join and create groups to share great rides you’ve discovered  or to chat about the discipline you love the most. Keep up to date with equestrian events and competitions in your local area. Browse the Huufe marketplace for all your equestrian needs as well as creating your own classified ads.


Ride | Earn HuufeCoin | Buy Derby House Gear 

Download the app here.

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