A New Year, A New Us

As we strive to exceed our sustainability goals, 2019 see’s the use of our brand new CVP-500 automated packing machines – the first of it’s kind in the UK…

As 2019 arrives, sadly the shadow cast by our effects on the environment are more apparent than ever. Here at Derby House we’re taking accountability for the impacts that our business has on the environment, and we’re taking actions. 2018 marked our move to a highly efficient A-rated energy performance warehouse. From here we’ve been working hard to reduce our carbon footprint even further, so when we heard about the new technology that Neopost could offer us, how could we refuse? Introducing the CVP-500 automated packing machine…


Technology & sustainability… 

So how does it work and how exactly does it help to tackle global warming, CO2 emissions and plastic waste in the ocean? The first of its kind to be installed into UK warehousing, the machine uses state of the art technology to detect the exact dimensions of the parcel, cutting recycled cardboard to create the perfect size box and therefore eliminating the need for plastic void fill. By reducing excess packaging we now require 90 less lorry loads per year, further reducing our carbon impact.


In 2018 we moved into our state of the art, highly eco-friendly warehouse, complete with solar PV and thermal generating electricity and heat, high efficiency LED lighting with sensor controls, grey water systems making use of rainfall, a 100% renewable energy electricity supply, a 100% bio and frack free gas supply… the list goes on….



It’s just the start…

Neopost’s CVP-500 packing machines fit perfectly with our green setup, after already committing to a ‘zero to landfill’ policy and reducing our plastic usage by 91% before the installation. Driven by our ethos to help to save the planet that we, and our customers love, we’ve also banished all plastic packaging on our new collection of legwear that was launched in September 2018 and are continuing to work hard to find sustainable packaging alternatives across our collection of Derby House equestrian products.

This is just the start of our green revolution. We are #PoweredGreen.

You can check out behind the scenes footage of our new CVP500 packing machines in action here:




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