Equilibrium Stretch & Flex Training Exercise Wrap


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  • An award-winning design that's stood the test of time
  • The product designers at Equilibrium came up with an innovative leg wrap that offers the support of an exercise bandage with the convenience of a boot
  • Pliable and flexible, the boot allows the horse to move freely while still benefiting from effective support
  • Easy to fit and much quicker than exercise bandages, the actively breathable support boot is made from Stomatex®, a unique material used exclusively to make Stretch and Flex wraps
  • Actively cooling Stomatex®, helps regulate the skin temperature during work
  • Four-way stretch for freedom of movement and extra-thick padding protects the tendons, the inside of the cannon bone and the fetlock joint
  • A wide choice of sizes to fit horse's legs and a wrap-around strap the snugly supports the fetlock joint and prevents sand and grit from getting up inside the boot, these wraps are ideal for people who want a time-saving solution or are unable to bandage like a professional
  • Easy to wash
  • Can be worn on the front or hind legs as required
  • Complete with Equilibrium One Year Guarantee
  • Sold in pairs

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Material 100% Other Fibres