Ariat Nitro Boots

The Ariat name is a brand all equestrians know and love, possibly best known for their outstanding footwear which can be seen being worn globally. With decades of experience, their focus remains the same to produce high-performance footwear and clothing for the equestrian and country consumer. Ariat’s innovative designs make their footwear stand out, using only the highest quality, technically advanced materials to suit the athletic equestrian. Through years of extensive research into creating the best footwear, their popularity grew which saw the introduction of their riding wear. Their hugely popular legwear is designed for competitive and non-competitive riders alike, with a riders comfort at the forefront of their designs. The stunning apparel combines the latest trends and seasonal colours with innovative design to produce equestrian clothing for every season and discipline.

The latest Ariat design is the Devon Nitro Paddock Boots, these superior boots offer unbelievable comfort and style. With two styles in the range, let’s take a closer look at what makes these boots stand out from the crowd.


Ariat Nitro Technology


Paddock Zip…

  • Nitro™️ is one of Ariat’s premium technologies, designed to cushion and stabilise the foot for flawless performance.
  • Shock Shield™️, a revolutionary technology which provides shock absorption for all-day comfort.
  • Made from a waterproof, premium full grain leather.
  • Leather lined.
  • Duratread™️ outsole for optimal slip resistance.
  • Dual stretch gore panels.
  • Padded collar for comfort and tongue.
  • Antique brass zip system for comfort and style.

Paddock Lace…

  • Shock Shield™️ which absorbs impacts and minimises fatigue.
  • Nitro™️, designed to support and cushion.
  • Waterproof, full grain leather upper.
  • Leather lining.
  • Front lace closure with locking speed lace hooks.
  • Padded collar and tongue.
  • Duratreat™️ outer sole for slip resistance.


You can shop the full Ariat collection HERE

Chit Chat with Bella – Why do people always ask when I’ll ride again?

When are you going to ride Rudy?

Well that is the six million dollar question and a question I am asked all the time. Why is it that the majority of people think unless you are riding your horse or pony, there is something wrong with you?  I stopped riding Rudy in October 2018 because he wasn’t happy which meant I wasn’t happy either. If you have read my blog “Why I stopped riding Rudy”, you will know the background of my decision and the +R journey we are on.

If you have decided to stop riding your horse or pony because they were not happy, I would like to say, well done you for listening to your horse.

I wonder how many people in the equestrian world give a thought to if their horse or pony is enjoying being ridden. Just because a horse doesn’t yelp in pain like a dog does, doesn’t mean it isn’t in pain or unhappy. Horses show they are unhappy or in pain silently by refusing to do something, by rearing, bucking, bolting, biting, kicking, ears back, tail swishing, head up, or wrinkling their nose and many more signs.  Instead of thinking they are being naughty, or being stubborn or wanting to spoil your day, think what they are silently trying to tell you.

So in answer to the question “when are you going to ride Rudy?” it will be when we are both ready and Rudy is happy for me to get on his back again. We are having fun with our training and spending more time together than we did when I was riding. I wish I had known about +R training years ago. Not only does it mean Rudy is much happier and willing to be with me, he is more relaxed and calmer. We go for lovely walks in hand round the village, giving him the chance to enjoy eating some grass. I never thought I would be able to do that in a million years.

eating grass

I found out he absolutely loves being scratched and in places I was never able to get near before. I will admit it hasn’t all been plain sailing, as Rudy doesn’t hold back on telling me if he doesn’t like something. I am learning to recognise his whisper before he has to shout at me to stop doing something. Quite often when I stop, give Rudy a moment, he will happily then let me carry on. Rudy and I are not doing all this on our own, we have a Horse Charming coach and without her, we wouldn’t be as far as we are after 6 months. In fact, I would have given up, +R maybe simple, it sure isn’t easy and most certainly not a quick fix.


I would like to say a special thank you to Derby House for continuing to support Rudy and I with our +R journey. We train in all weathers, so keeping dry and warm or those flies at bay with Rudy in his Derby House rugs and me in my jackets, riding tights and boots makes it much more enjoyable.

So until next time, thank you so much for reading this blog and following the ups and downs of Rudy and me. What ever you are doing with your horse or pony, have fun and just enjoy spending time together.

Bella x


Micklem Bridles – Only the best

Here at Derby House we are passionate about our horses and understand the importance of comfort when our horses are in work. With hours spent in the saddle enjoying the time we have with our horses, we want to make sure they are as comfortable as possible. We spend so much time and money on ensuring our horses have a nutritional diet, new shoes, dental care and more so why stop at the saddlery.

The Micklem bridles were the first of their kind on the market with your horses comfort at the forefront of their design. Awarded the BETA innovation award 2008, you can trust Micklem brides on your horse.

What makes Micklem stand out is the innovative design which ensures maximum comfort to your horse. The unique design shapes around your horse’s head to avoid the 5 main pressure points on your horse’s skull. By relieving the pressure on these sensitive areas you are reducing pain and numbness allowing your horse to concentrate on the given tasks, making a far more enjoyable experience for both horse and rider.


With a variety of styles in the range, you want to make sure you get the right bridle for your horse.

The Multi Bridle

This multi-functional bridle allows you to lunge, ride as a standard bitted bridle or even bitless. With all this versatility you don’t need to keep swapping equipment, you can be rest assured your horse is working comfortably in all areas of exercise.


Rambo Micklem Multi Bridle – RRP £141.95

The Competition Bridle

This competition legal bridle has all of the unique ergonomic features, designed to ensure total comfort with a high quality finished leather for a premium look. Unlike the multi bridle, this cannot be used as a bit less or as a lunging option.

The Diamond Competition Bridle

Wow, the judges with the luxurious diamanté incrusted browband. Featuring the shaped headpiece for comfort and made from a high performance, show quality leather with soft padding on the headpiece, broadband, noseband and cheek pieces.

The Deluxe Competition Bridle

This stunning bridle not only looks the part but has all of the Micklem features to keep your horse feeling their best in the show ring. Made from high performance leather and featuring a subtle contrast stitch detail on the browband and noseband.

View the full Micklem collection here

Buying Guide – Riding Hats

Safety is paramount when it comes to horse riding, and a well fitting riding hat could quite literally save your life should the worst happen. Read our buying guide to help you find the perfect riding hat for your discipline.


Before you buy, consider safety standards 

A couple of years ago there was some changes made to safety standards to riding hats, meaning that hats that have the standard of EN1384 or BSEN1384, and do not comply with another accepted standard are NOT complicit with the latest standards.

Your riding hat should conform to one or more of the following standards:

  • (BS) EN1384: 2017 – with or without kitemark
  • VG1 – with or without kitemark
  • PAS 015: 2011 – with or without kitemark
  • ASTM F1163: 2004a/2015 – with SEI mark (American standard)
  • Snell E2001/E2016
  • AS/NZS 3838: 2006 (with SAI Global mark)

If you are competing, you will need to check the rule requirements of your specific discipline, which you can do so here.

What’s your style? 

There are various styles available to choose from depending on your discipline. The main two styles are Riding Hats and Jockey Skulls.

Riding hat

The main difference between the two is the peak – Riding hats have a fixed peak and are traditionally worn for everyday riding as well as dressage, Jockey skulls have no peak, and are traditionally used for everyday riding, eventing and racing. They are often worn with hat silk covers.

What’s your size? 

Now that you’ve chosen the style that you need, it’s time to choose the size. Use a tape measure to take the measurement of your head at it’s widest part (usually just above your ears, and about a cm above your eyebrows). If you have long hair, it’s recommended that you tie it in a low pony tail so it doesn’t affect the measurement.


Most riding helmets come in cm sizes, but in case the one you’re looking at doesn’t, here’s a conversion chart:

00 51cm 6 1/4
00 1/2 52cm 6 3/8
0 53cm 6 1/2
0 1/2 54cm 6 5/8
1 55cm 6 3/4
1 1/2 56cm 6 7/8
2 57cm 7
2 1/2 58cm 7 1/8
3 59cm 7 1/4
3 1/2 60cm 7 3/8
4 61cm 7 1/2
4 1/2 62cm 7 5/8
5 63cm 7 3/4

Does it fit?

Once you have your riding hat it’s important to check that it fits correctly as well as being comfortable. There’s a few checks that you can do at home, but we’d recommend getting it checked over by a professional hat fitter to be on the safe side. When you first put the helmet on, you should start from the back and roll it down towards the front. Once it’s on, it should skim the tops of your ears and sit about 1cm above your eyebrows. Gently pull the hat on and off in a rolling motion. As you do so, you should feel a suction. The hat should be snug, but not causing any pressure points or pain.


Then, run your finger around the inside of the hat, checking for any gaps as you go. If there is space around the whole circumference then you should try a smaller size. If there are gaps in just particular areas, then it could be possible that the style of hat doesn’t suit the shape of your head, in this case you should try a different style. It is normal to feel some space around your temples.



Finally, close the chin strap and adjust as necessary. The chin strap should be perceived as an extra precaution, and not the only thing that is keeping the hat on your head. It should fit to allow a finger space between the strap and your chin.



We recommend that the final step is to have your new hat checked over by a professional before you jump into the saddle.

You can browse our selection of riding hats here.





The New Ariat Heritage Contour II Ellipse Ladies Long Riding Boots

Show season is upon us and it’s time to dust of our boots (or treat yourself to a new pair!) With lots of different brands on the market at varying prices, Ariat is one of the more premium brands you can find. Founded on innovation and technology, Ariat is renowned for its high quality apparel and footwear, offering equestrianism the performance it deserves.

One of the latest pieces in their footwear collection really got us talking – The Heritage Contour II Ellipse.

The perfect blend of performance and style, this really boot really stands out from the rest.


Available in two striking colours, the more traditional Mahogany option, or the subtly fashion forward Marine option. This boot is extremely eye-catching with stand out detailing to the Spanish topline cuff.





The contoured fit around the ankle give these boots a really sleek look, while the elasticated laces give them a classic touch. Made from full grain leather with a full leather lining you can count on these boots to last. Complete with an elasticated gusset on the inside knee for ultimate flexibility.



Choose the Ellipse the ultimate in style and performance.


If you’re treating yourself to these amazing tall riding boots, why not bring the rest of your competition attire up to scratch? Ariat also offers a collection of technical riding pieces which lend themselves to competitive riding. Whether you’re looking to crisp up your look with a new competition shirt, or update your show jacket, Ariat has the range for you.

You can count on Ariat’s technology to keep you cool when you need it the most.

Shop the full collection here.

Derby House Fly Rugs – Classic, Pro or Elite?

The arrival of spring unfortunately brings the arrival of flies. As horse owners we battle with biting insects through the spring and  summer months. With various products on the market to help to protect your horse against the irritation of flies, we thought we’d let you know about some of features that you can find in our fly rug collection.

With a selection of fly rugs in our collection from Classic to Pro to Elite it’s easy to wonder exactly what your money buys. Value for money is at the forefront of all we do and our collection caters for all budgets. Here’s what the differences between each is:

Classic Fly Rug – RRP £32.99




The Classic Fly Rug is perfect for those who have a modest budget. At just £32.99, this rug offers features that you’d expect to find on a higher budget. The mesh is made from a lightweight 150 Denier fabric, complete with a nylon lined chest and shoulder area to prevent rubbing. A Lycra insert features at the wither to allow for comfort when your horse is grazing. The shoulder gussets allow for better freedom of movement, while the buckle chest and touch close neck straps ensure the perfect fit. A full belly wrap with touch close velcro offers even further fly busting protection.

Pro Fly Rug – RRP £36.99




The Pro Fly is slightly more than the Classic, at £36.99. For the price, this rug is packed with design features to help to beat the flies this spring/summer. It’s made from the same strength 150 Denier fabric as the classic, however the Pro is UV treated to help to stop harmful rays getting in. Not only does the Pro Fly Rug come with a matching fly mask included in the price, it also has ear holes to prevent the neck piece from slipping. The full belly wrap on the Pro is upgraded with elasticated surcingle fastenings to allow for a glove like fit. Complete with elasticised leg straps, you get a lot of rug for your money.

Derby House Elite Stormsafe Rug – RRP £62.99



The Elite collection is created to offer you the most premium design features at a great price. The Stormsafe is the perfect hybrid between fly and turnout rug and its features rival some of the most premium brands on the market. The 300 Denier interlocking mesh fabric is stronger than the Classic and the Pro and is combined with a 1200 Denier waterproof & breathable back panel to protect against unpredictable showers. Fixtures and fittings have been upgraded to hard wearing gunmetal, and the chest fastenings are both buckle and clip for excellent fit and convenience. The fleece lining on the neck and tail join ensure that rubbing is prevented, roomy shoulder gussets allow for ultimate freedom of movement. This rug not only looks striking, but performs too.

This season, all of our fly rugs are packaged in our eco friendly 99% plastic free cary cases. You can shop the full collection of Derby House rugs here.

If you have any questions about the range, please feel free to leave your comments below.


Eliminating C02 with Solar PV

Just like you, climate change is a concern to us. 2019 sees us quadruple our solar PV systems as a group.

Solar PV Systems for Sustainability…

2019 marks the installation of more solar PV systems into our business to help to reduce our carbon footprint. In fact, we’ve quadrupled the number of systems that we’re using across our sites, increasing our renewable energy usage from 32kW to 127kW, offsetting 62 tonnes of carbon each year. (That’s the equivalent of charging 8 million mobile phones!)


Check it out here

Internet Fusion Group & Sustainability. 

Part of Internet Fusion Group, here at Derby House we are passionate about the outdoors, and reducing our impact on the planet as a business is at the forefront of all we do. In 2018 we moved to a state of the art energy performance A rated building, from which we dispatch your orders from. It’s one of few of its kind in the UK with 100% renewable energy usage and a 100% biogas contract. The impressive credentials also include grey water systems making use of rain water as well as a zero to landfill policy.



At the end of 2019 we introduced two state of the art CVP500 automated packing machines to further reduce our carbon footprint. Each parcel packed by the machine is measured by lasers to determine the exact size of the parcel, eliminating the need for plastic void fill and reducing the amount of recycled cardboard needed to pack your order. This reduces the need for 90 lorry loads per year.


Fossil fuels are dead, long live renewables… and our future!

We are #PoweredGreen


Derby House Summer Rugs – Classic, Pro or Elite?

The wait is over! The new Derby House Spring Rugs have arrived!

The collection may have had a switch up but one thing remains the same… our three famous collections – ‘Classic‘, ‘Pro‘ and ‘Elite‘, each offering something different. Check out the great features that each has to offer in the turnout rugs…

Derby House Classic Lightweight Combo Turnout Rug


The Classic Lightweight Combo Turnout Rug has been designed to cater for the modest budget. Despite its reasonable price tag of just £44.99, the rug is still packed with features that you’d expect to find on a higher budget rug. The 600 Denier waterproof and breathable outer is sure to protect your horse from April Showers and unexpected summer downpours. The roomy shoulder darts offer freedom of movement and the storm flap on the chest offers additional protection from wind and rain. Complete with sturdy fixtures – a traditional double buckle chest fastening and cross surcingles. Available in sizes 5’0 – 7’0.

Derby House Pro Lightweight Combo Turnout Rug


Priced at £49.99, the Pro Lightweight Combo Turnout Rug offers all of the same quality design features as the Classic, only this rug has been created using a stronger, 600 Denier, 250g Rip Stop weave fabric which is waterproof and breathable. In addition to this, the two front chest fastenings have been upgraded to a buckle and clip fastening, making them quick and easy to use. Also part of the Pro collection, this year we have three limited edition prints! The Unicorn continues with two brand new additions, take a sneak peek here.

Derby House Elite Lightweight Combo Turnout Rug


The Elite is our top of the range turnout rug. Our most premium rug in the Derby House collection, at £74.99, this rug is packed with premium features that rival some of the best rugs on the market. Made from 1200 Denier of waterproof & breathable fabric, this is our strongest fabric used in the collection and is sure to stand the test of time. The shoulder gusset remains to allow for maximum freedom of movement and the premium gunmetal clip and buckle fastenings to both the chest and neck offer the ultimate in convenience. Reflective strips offer maximum visibility on dreary days or evenings. Complete with signature Derby House nylon lining for coat shine, a cosy fleece poll and storm flap.  In its brand new check print design, this rug not only looks amazing, but performs too.

As well as turnout rugs, the collection also features fly rugs, cotton sheets, fleeces and stable rugs. You can browse the full collection here.




#BalanceForBetter – International Women’s Day 2019

As the world celebrates International Women’s Day, pushing for a more gender balanced world, we take a moment to reflect on the achievements of our very own female sponsored riders.  Read on to hear about what being a woman means to them, and their opinions on gender balance within equestrian sport…

Jayne Ross

Age: 62

Discipline: Showing 


What does the idea of ‘power’ mean to you? 

Having the ability to inspire others by being a role model for my sport and through my achievements.

Have you ever been in a situation where you thought being a woman has compromised your ‘power’? 

No, never.

Who is your greatest female inspiration?

My mother, who as Pat Devries, was an Olympic figure skater, who also knew the meaning of hard work and sacrifice to be able to achieve her dreams.

What do you think is the biggest challenge that women your age are facing today? 

I’m trying to keep reminding myself that 60 is the new 50! I certainly don’t feel old mentally and will carry on for as long as I feel I am doing the horses justice. There is nothing a gin and tonic can’t put right at the end of the day!

Do you think there is equality between men and women when it comes to Equestrian Sports? 

In my opinion equestrianism is the only sport where men and women truly compete on an equal footing.

Have you ever faced any challenges in being a woman when it comes to following your sporting dreams? 

Not in terms of being a woman, no.

What is your greatest accomplishment (Equestrian or otherwise)?

6 HOYS supremes, 5 RIHS, 44 point to point winners and on the BHS Hall of Fame.


Bella Giles-Smith

Age: 57

Discipline: Dressage/Positive Reinforcement Training 

What does the idea of ‘power’ mean to you? 

The idea of power means different things to me depending on the context. Apart from the obvious as in being in a position of power such as influential figures. When I put my mind to something, I have power within me to achieve things I thought would be impossible.

Have you ever been in a situation where you thought being a woman has compromised your ‘power’? 

I am sure there have been times in the past where being a woman has compromised my power. Thankfully though, I have put them out of my mind so that they don’t hold me back.

Who is your greatest female inspiration?

There are so many women that inspire me, too many to mention. I have some pretty amazing female friends who despite having terminal illness and disabilities remain strong, positive and live their lives to the fullest, without moaning and with a smile of their faces. I think they are awesome.

What do you think is the biggest challenge that women your age are facing today? 

Oh goodness, I can’t speak for other women, for me though, the biggest challenge to me at my age, is ME. Only I can allow my age to get in the way of what I want to do.

Do you think there is equality between men and women when it comes to Equestrian Sports? 

Sadly, I think, even with how far we’ve come over the years with regards to gender equality in equestrian sports, there is still some imbalance. I feel that there is more of a level playing field now than there ever has been. Probably because now, more than ever, women work damn hard to make sure they are physically and mentally strong and prepared to succeed and win.

Have you ever faced any challenges in being a woman when it comes to following your sporting dreams? 

I can safely say, I have never faced any challenges when it comes to being a woman following my dreams. There are plenty of other challenges though!

What is your greatest accomplishment (equestrian or otherwise)? 

I can’t single out just one ‘greatest accomplishment’ as I’m lucky enough to have accomplished quite a lot! (Well, I have been around for rather a long time!) But here are a few I can remember. Appearing in Horse and Hound 5 times while I was riding for owners. Leading the procession around the famous Hickstead main arena past the enormous Derby Bank after winning the Ridden Coloured Class. Becoming Reserve Champion at the Merrist Wood Dressage Championships riding Stuart Boyles Fully Connected (Folly), an ex show jumper. Finally I’m very proud to be the owner of my gorgeous boy Rudolfo (Rudy), who I have stopped riding to restart him using Possitive Reinforcement Training.


The Derby House Print Collection – Coming Soon



Winter is finally coming to an end! Gone soon will be the muddy rugs, cold feet and icy water buckets. With the arrival of spring comes our newest collection of turnout, stable, fly and fleece rugs. We’re famous for our novelty print horse rugs (especially our unicorn rug!) and we’re giving you an exclusive sneak peek into our new limited edition print. (It really is mer-mazing… )

Introducing… The Derby House Limited Edition Pro Lightweight Mermaid Turnout Rug 😍



Ride the Tide with this 0g waterproof turnout rug, perfect for any unexpected downpours this spring/summer.  The gorgeous mystical deep sea colour scheme with its oh-so-cute mermaid and shell print is sure to stand out this season.


Not only does the Mermaid Rug look the part, it’s packed with all the features and benefits you’d expect to find from our quality PRO collection, including a strong, lightweight 600 Denier 250g Diamond Weave, waterproof outer to protect your horse from the elements.

Quality buckle and clip fixtures to the chest have been designed to be super convenient as well as ensuring the perfect fit.



We’ve taken your horses comfort into account when creating this rug, with generous shoulder gussets for complete freedom of movement as well as elasticated leg straps, adjustable surcingles and a large tail flap for extra protection.

Offering value for money is at the forefront of all we do, for just £48.99 you’ll soon be able to get your hands on this mer-mazing turnout rug. And that’s not all… We’ll also be offering matching accessories!

The Mermaid Headcollar & Leadrope Set and Saddlepad are the perfect addition to your new mystical Mermaid medley.



It doesn’t stop there! In our collection of limited edition prints this spring, the Unicorn makes a comeback in a 100g Combo Turnout Rug, and a 0g Turnout Rug in both a standard neck and combo neck design. The Matching headcollar and saddlepad are also available!



BEE bold with another new addition to our limited edition collection, coming soon this spring… All the quality features of our existing Pro Fly Rug but so much bolder, coming soon!


The new collection is coming soon so keep an eye on our Facebook page and website for it! Be the first to know when it arrives by signing up to our email newsletter.

We’d love to know what you think of our new prints in the comments below. Is there anything more you’d like to see in our range, please share your comments with us!