Derby House Summer Rugs – Classic, Pro or Elite?

The wait is over! The new Derby House Spring Rugs have arrived!

The collection may have had a switch up but one thing remains the same… our three famous collections – ‘Classic‘, ‘Pro‘ and ‘Elite‘, each offering something different. Check out the great features that each has to offer in the turnout rugs…

Derby House Classic Lightweight Combo Turnout Rug


The Classic Lightweight Combo Turnout Rug has been designed to cater for the modest budget. Despite its reasonable price tag of just £44.99, the rug is still packed with features that you’d expect to find on a higher budget rug. The 600 Denier waterproof and breathable outer is sure to protect your horse from April Showers and unexpected summer downpours. The roomy shoulder darts offer freedom of movement and the storm flap on the chest offers additional protection from wind and rain. Complete with sturdy fixtures – a traditional double buckle chest fastening and cross surcingles. Available in sizes 5’0 – 7’0.

Derby House Pro Lightweight Combo Turnout Rug


Priced at £49.99, the Pro Lightweight Combo Turnout Rug offers all of the same quality design features as the Classic, only this rug has been created using a stronger, 600 Denier, 250g Rip Stop weave fabric which is waterproof and breathable. In addition to this, the two front chest fastenings have been upgraded to a buckle and clip fastening, making them quick and easy to use. Also part of the Pro collection, this year we have three limited edition prints! The Unicorn continues with two brand new additions, take a sneak peek here.

Derby House Elite Lightweight Combo Turnout Rug


The Elite is our top of the range turnout rug. Our most premium rug in the Derby House collection, at £74.99, this rug is packed with premium features that rival some of the best rugs on the market. Made from 1200 Denier of waterproof & breathable fabric, this is our strongest fabric used in the collection and is sure to stand the test of time. The shoulder gusset remains to allow for maximum freedom of movement and the premium gunmetal clip and buckle fastenings to both the chest and neck offer the ultimate in convenience. Reflective strips offer maximum visibility on dreary days or evenings. Complete with signature Derby House nylon lining for coat shine, a cosy fleece poll and storm flap.  In its brand new check print design, this rug not only looks amazing, but performs too.

As well as turnout rugs, the collection also features fly rugs, cotton sheets, fleeces and stable rugs. You can browse the full collection here.




#BalanceForBetter – International Women’s Day 2019

As the world celebrates International Women’s Day, pushing for a more gender balanced world, we take a moment to reflect on the achievements of our very own female sponsored riders.  Read on to hear about what being a woman means to them, and their opinions on gender balance within equestrian sport…

Jayne Ross

Age: 62

Discipline: Showing 


What does the idea of ‘power’ mean to you? 

Having the ability to inspire others by being a role model for my sport and through my achievements.

Have you ever been in a situation where you thought being a woman has compromised your ‘power’? 

No, never.

Who is your greatest female inspiration?

My mother, who as Pat Devries, was an Olympic figure skater, who also knew the meaning of hard work and sacrifice to be able to achieve her dreams.

What do you think is the biggest challenge that women your age are facing today? 

I’m trying to keep reminding myself that 60 is the new 50! I certainly don’t feel old mentally and will carry on for as long as I feel I am doing the horses justice. There is nothing a gin and tonic can’t put right at the end of the day!

Do you think there is equality between men and women when it comes to Equestrian Sports? 

In my opinion equestrianism is the only sport where men and women truly compete on an equal footing.

Have you ever faced any challenges in being a woman when it comes to following your sporting dreams? 

Not in terms of being a woman, no.

What is your greatest accomplishment (Equestrian or otherwise)?

6 HOYS supremes, 5 RIHS, 44 point to point winners and on the BHS Hall of Fame.


Bella Giles-Smith

Age: 57

Discipline: Dressage/Positive Reinforcement Training 

What does the idea of ‘power’ mean to you? 

The idea of power means different things to me depending on the context. Apart from the obvious as in being in a position of power such as influential figures. When I put my mind to something, I have power within me to achieve things I thought would be impossible.

Have you ever been in a situation where you thought being a woman has compromised your ‘power’? 

I am sure there have been times in the past where being a woman has compromised my power. Thankfully though, I have put them out of my mind so that they don’t hold me back.

Who is your greatest female inspiration?

There are so many women that inspire me, too many to mention. I have some pretty amazing female friends who despite having terminal illness and disabilities remain strong, positive and live their lives to the fullest, without moaning and with a smile of their faces. I think they are awesome.

What do you think is the biggest challenge that women your age are facing today? 

Oh goodness, I can’t speak for other women, for me though, the biggest challenge to me at my age, is ME. Only I can allow my age to get in the way of what I want to do.

Do you think there is equality between men and women when it comes to Equestrian Sports? 

Sadly, I think, even with how far we’ve come over the years with regards to gender equality in equestrian sports, there is still some imbalance. I feel that there is more of a level playing field now than there ever has been. Probably because now, more than ever, women work damn hard to make sure they are physically and mentally strong and prepared to succeed and win.

Have you ever faced any challenges in being a woman when it comes to following your sporting dreams? 

I can safely say, I have never faced any challenges when it comes to being a woman following my dreams. There are plenty of other challenges though!

What is your greatest accomplishment (equestrian or otherwise)? 

I can’t single out just one ‘greatest accomplishment’ as I’m lucky enough to have accomplished quite a lot! (Well, I have been around for rather a long time!) But here are a few I can remember. Appearing in Horse and Hound 5 times while I was riding for owners. Leading the procession around the famous Hickstead main arena past the enormous Derby Bank after winning the Ridden Coloured Class. Becoming Reserve Champion at the Merrist Wood Dressage Championships riding Stuart Boyles Fully Connected (Folly), an ex show jumper. Finally I’m very proud to be the owner of my gorgeous boy Rudolfo (Rudy), who I have stopped riding to restart him using Possitive Reinforcement Training.


The Derby House Print Collection – Coming Soon



Winter is finally coming to an end! Gone soon will be the muddy rugs, cold feet and icy water buckets. With the arrival of spring comes our newest collection of turnout, stable, fly and fleece rugs. We’re famous for our novelty print horse rugs (especially our unicorn rug!) and we’re giving you an exclusive sneak peek into our new limited edition print. (It really is mer-mazing… )

Introducing… The Derby House Limited Edition Pro Lightweight Mermaid Turnout Rug 😍



Ride the Tide with this 0g waterproof turnout rug, perfect for any unexpected downpours this spring/summer.  The gorgeous mystical deep sea colour scheme with its oh-so-cute mermaid and shell print is sure to stand out this season.


Not only does the Mermaid Rug look the part, it’s packed with all the features and benefits you’d expect to find from our quality PRO collection, including a strong, lightweight 600 Denier 250g Diamond Weave, waterproof outer to protect your horse from the elements.

Quality buckle and clip fixtures to the chest have been designed to be super convenient as well as ensuring the perfect fit.



We’ve taken your horses comfort into account when creating this rug, with generous shoulder gussets for complete freedom of movement as well as elasticated leg straps, adjustable surcingles and a large tail flap for extra protection.

Offering value for money is at the forefront of all we do, for just £48.99 you’ll soon be able to get your hands on this mer-mazing turnout rug. And that’s not all… We’ll also be offering matching accessories!

The Mermaid Headcollar & Leadrope Set and Saddlepad are the perfect addition to your new mystical Mermaid medley.



It doesn’t stop there! In our collection of limited edition prints this spring, the Unicorn makes a comeback in a 100g Combo Turnout Rug, and a 0g Turnout Rug in both a standard neck and combo neck design. The Matching headcollar and saddlepad are also available!



BEE bold with another new addition to our limited edition collection, coming soon this spring… All the quality features of our existing Pro Fly Rug but so much bolder, coming soon!


The new collection is coming soon so keep an eye on our Facebook page and website for it! Be the first to know when it arrives by signing up to our email newsletter.

We’d love to know what you think of our new prints in the comments below. Is there anything more you’d like to see in our range, please share your comments with us!


Chit chat with Bella – Why I stopped riding Rudy

Here we are, a new year and my first blog of 2019.

This blog is not an easy one for me to write, admitting your horse makes you cry most of the time, is never an easy thing to talk about. Right, putting my brave pants on and here goes.

Some of you might be wondering why I am not riding Rudy. Well, you might remember last year I had lots of checks and investigations carried out on Rudy to find out if he was in pain anywhere.  Thankfully the vet said there wasn’t any painful areas and it could be a behavioural issue.  The trouble is, resolving behavioural issues is more of a challenge than if there was a medical problem to solve.  Rudy is quite prone to biting and kicking and swears a lot at people. He wasn’t too keen on being caught unless it was tea time. He hates being groomed, tacked up and didn’t enjoy being ridden.  The funny thing is, he loves being clipped, strange horse LOL. As for putting a head collar on him, that was a challenge in itself, he would generally try to bite it, fling his head about and anything else to avoid putting it on him.


Getting him to load was hit and miss, he would load going, but didn’t want to load coming home.  There was a time, I had a new bruise every day where he had bitten me. I have tried all sorts of training methods, with some success to start, then he would go back to being angry and not want to do anything.


I can tell you, I have cried so much because I just didn’t know what to do. I felt totally useless and thought I am just no good with horses.  I still persevered though and kept trying to communicate with Rudy, always doing my very best to make him happy and comfortable. Rudy wears his heart on his sleeve so to speak, showing his angry feelings (which is most of the time) as well as when he is happy.  After finding out Rudy wasn’t in pain anywhere, I decided to look for a different training method, one that could help me with Rudy’s behavioural issues.  I am a great believer in things happen for a reason, we might not know at the time why, it does make sense in the end. 


October last year, positive reinforcement came into our lives. I researched a lot (there is a huge amount of information on the subject and not all is what it seems).  Anyway, I finally found a training method and coach to work with Rudy and me in October 2018.  There was something I had to stop doing though, I had to stop riding Rudy. It wasn’t a hard decision to make, as I wanted to give the training 100% commitment. The reason for stopping riding is so we can restart Rudy, giving us a clean slate so to speak. Positive reinforcement training is not a quick fix.  It takes a lot of time, hard work, patience and learning. Rudy and I are 3 months into our +R journey and it has not been easy going. I make lots of mistakes, as I am learning to understand Rudy and vice versa, plus learning how to be a +R horse owner.  I video our training sessions and send them to our coach. She reviews the videos and then gives me feedback on what I’m doing right and what changes I need to make to overcome any challenges Rudy gives me. Rudy and I train in all weathers and mostly out in his field. Thankfully he has his Derby House rugs to keep him dry and warm. I have my gorgeous jacket to keep me warm and dry and my cosy comfy riding tights and jods. I’d be lost without my boots and socks to keep the wet and cold at bay too.


The changes I have seen in Rudy since starting +R might be small, they all add up though. He now comes to me even when it isn’t tea time. He puts his nose into his head collar. He moves towards me when I use the rubber curry comb on him to scratch him. I am loving it and Rudy is too. 

There will be those (hopefully still reading this blog) who think I am crazy and those who are curious and those who already use +R training.  There is one thing for sure, all animals learn in the same way, even humans, it just depends if you decide to use traditional training methods or +R training methods. I know which I prefer to use.  Force free training can be used on any animal. Our coach even uses it on her chickens as well as her dog, cats and of course her horses. It is fun and can be used to teach all sorts of things. If you follow Rudy and me on Facebook, you have probably seen some of the things we get up to. So until next time, enjoy your horse or pony and the precious time you spend together.


Bella x


Have you experienced behavioural issues in your horse and have you any advice for fellow horse owners? We’d love to hear your experiences in the comments below.

A New Year, A New Us

As we strive to exceed our sustainability goals, 2019 see’s the use of our brand new CVP-500 automated packing machines – the first of it’s kind in the UK…

As 2019 arrives, sadly the shadow cast by our effects on the environment are more apparent than ever. Here at Derby House we’re taking accountability for the impacts that our business has on the environment, and we’re taking actions. 2018 marked our move to a highly efficient A-rated energy performance warehouse. From here we’ve been working hard to reduce our carbon footprint even further, so when we heard about the new technology that Neopost could offer us, how could we refuse? Introducing the CVP-500 automated packing machine…


Technology & sustainability… 

So how does it work and how exactly does it help to tackle global warming, CO2 emissions and plastic waste in the ocean? The first of its kind to be installed into UK warehousing, the machine uses state of the art technology to detect the exact dimensions of the parcel, cutting recycled cardboard to create the perfect size box and therefore eliminating the need for plastic void fill. By reducing excess packaging we now require 90 less lorry loads per year, further reducing our carbon impact.


In 2018 we moved into our state of the art, highly eco-friendly warehouse, complete with solar PV and thermal generating electricity and heat, high efficiency LED lighting with sensor controls, grey water systems making use of rainfall, a 100% renewable energy electricity supply, a 100% bio and frack free gas supply… the list goes on….



It’s just the start…

Neopost’s CVP-500 packing machines fit perfectly with our green setup, after already committing to a ‘zero to landfill’ policy and reducing our plastic usage by 91% before the installation. Driven by our ethos to help to save the planet that we, and our customers love, we’ve also banished all plastic packaging on our new collection of legwear that was launched in September 2018 and are continuing to work hard to find sustainable packaging alternatives across our collection of Derby House equestrian products.

This is just the start of our green revolution. We are #PoweredGreen.

You can check out behind the scenes footage of our new CVP500 packing machines in action here:




Derby House Pro Denim Gel Knee Breeches – Tried & Tested



We’ve recently launched our brand new collection of jodhpurs, breeches and riding tights, incorporating high quality fabrics at an affordable price. Offering riders value for money is at the forefront of all we do, we aim to deliver a high quality and premium looking product without the price tag. We searched high and low to find top quality performance fabrics and combined them with this seasons latest colour trends, as well as features to offer ultimate comfort and versatility. Now that they’re here, we’re keen to get them out there for real riders to try and test. We asked keen equestrian Fenella to put the Pro Denim Gel Knee Breeches through their paces – here’s what she had to say…

‘Derby house has recently re-vamped their legwear collection, improving their designs, fit and quality and it’s clear to see even at first glance. When I’m shopping for a new pair of breeches, I look for ones that will cope with the demands that owning a horse brings, but I also want to look the part, even when I’m covered in mud and hay!


I was given the opportunity to try the new collection of Derby House breeches and I chose the Pro Denim riding breeches. I selected these breeches because I wanted a pair that were versatile, ones that are perfect for when you’re at the yard and in the saddle, but don’t look out of place at the supermarket. I found that these breeches just looked like your favourite pair of jeans when they were taken out of an equestrian environment, which I really liked.

The riding breeches are denim blue with contrasting white stitching which features a pattern on the rear pockets just like jeans, ensuring you look fashionable both in the saddle and on foot.


I love the practicality of the breeches with them featuring five pockets, one small pocket at the top of the front right pocket (ideal for a key or something small),  two generous front hand pockets (the perfect size for your phone without it interfering with the way you ride) and two rear pockets. This pair of breeches features a reinforced knee patch with a silicon gel pattern in the shape of water droplets for an elegant look as well as added security in the saddle. The belt loops on the waist band team perfectly with your favourite belt just like when you’re wearing jeans. The branding on theses breeches is subtle but classy with a small Derby House Pegasus embossed pendant at the waistband along with a hook and eye with a branded imitation button.

The breeches are made from shape retaining technical stretch denim fabric which meant once on they fit really close, hugging in all the right places for a flattering look. Unlike jeans, the fabric is really flexible allowing for movement when you’re riding as well as when walking around the yard. These breeches are easy to get on, especially with the shaped lycra calf panels making it easy to get your foot in, but also ensuring they are a close fit around your leg for a comfortable fit, meaning no bulking inside your riding boots. Initially I tried a size 28, however I found these were too big, so I swapped them for a 26 which fitted perfectly. I would recommend getting the size down from your usual size in these breeches to ensure they are the perfect fit.


Overall, I really enjoyed riding in the Derby House Pro Denim riding breeches, as they were flexible, elegant and most importantly comfortable both when riding and walking. The best thing about the Pro Denim breeches is that they are so versatile and are easily mistaken for your favourite pair of jeans when you’re not in the saddle. I’d highly recommend them!’


Our new collection doesn’t just cater for every day riding, but also for competitive riding too! You can check out the full collection here.

Introducing the new Dublin Country Boots.

Dublin has over 40 years experience in creating high quality equestrian products for every day and competitive riders. Their aim has always been to make their clothing and footwear affordable but without compromising on the quality. The Dublin riding wearapparel and legwear is no exception, made from technically advanced materials to ensure comfort and style both in and out of the saddle.

There is no getting away from the popularity of the Dublin brand when it comes to their riding boots, you don’t have to go far to see them being worn in the show ring and on yards up and down the country as well as overseas. We know how important a good pair of riding boots are but just as important is a pair of sturdy country boots. The Dublin country boots are incredibly popular, you just need to go to a country show, or to your favourite equestrian event and you can see Dublin country boots being worn by many. Whats Dublin’s secret to making these boots so popular, well through years of extensive research they have created super comfortable, robust, stylish footwear that can be worn for a variety of occasions.

This season Dublin have introduced new boots to add to their existing country range, we have picked just a few to help you find the perfect pair.

 The Dublin Eskimo Boots

They are back! A winter version on the standard river boots, designed to keep you cosy this season. Made from a waterproof and breathable full grain leather upper and lined with a synthetic fleece which offers warmth and comfort. Featuring a moisture-wicking RCS footbed and a super tough tec rubber outer sole to ensure added stability on a variety of terrains.


The Dublin Bourne Country Boots

These stylish Dublin Bourne Boots are super versatile, hardwearing for yard use but paired with your favourite pair of jeans these boots would not look out of place being worn while walking down the high street. Made from a waterproof breathable full grain leather upper, and featuring a moisture-wicking RCS footbed for comfort and finished with a faux fur trim for that added bit of style.



The Dublin Calton Country Boots

Not just for wearing around country shows or on the yard, these versatile boots will take you from stable to saddle. Made from a soft full grain leather upper and featuring the RCS moisture-wicking footbed for comfort. These boots also have a hidden elasticated stretch panel at the back and finished with a stylish side buckle for a sophisticated look.


You can view the full Dublin collection here.



Chit Chat with Bella-Giles Smith – 5 Winter Warmer Top Tips

Brrr, there is a distinct chill in the air as I write this blog. I am already wearing long sleeved tops under my fabulous Horseware Polo Charlita Jacket, (I have to say, I feel the bees knees in my jacket around the yard or going to work or out for the day). Anyway, enough about me.  How about I share some great ways to stay warm when the freezing wind, pouring rain and snow descends upon us.


My 5 top tips for keeping warm this winter:

  1. Layers

It is widely known, it is better to wear layers, rather than one thick item of clothing as air gets trapped in the layers, helping to keep us warm. The ideal number of clothing layers is 4. For instance a wool or base layer, normal long sleeved top, wool or fleece mid layer and water repellent shell layer. This also enables you to remove layers when you get too warm.

Mind you, last winter, when it was really cold, all I wore was a long sleeved base layer and my Dublin jacket and I was toasty. I wasn’t weighed down by lots of clothing so could move and ride very comfortably without getting sweaty. Wearing my riding tights with either thermals or woolly tights underneath kept my legs lovely and warm without restricting movement.

    2. Vulnerable Areas

It is important to keep your ears, fingers and toes covered. During the winter you will always see me wearing an ear warmer and when really cold, a hat with ear flaps I can do up under my chin. When it’s freezing, I wear a snood so I can cover my face. On my feet I’ll wear 2 pairs of socks and either my long yard boots or long leather riding boots (if your boots feel tight, then go for thinner socks as being tight will restrict blood flow so your feet will feel colder). My top tip for helping to keep hands warm, is to wear a pair of pure silk liners inside your warmest gloves, this tip is from my motor biking days.


    3. Important Areas

Another top tip is to keep your neck and chest covered. Even just wearing a lightweight scarf around your neck will help keep out the cold. When it is freezing, I wrap a wool scarf around my neck and cross the ends flat across my chest and zip my coat right up to the top. I find keeping my neck and chest warm helps me avoid those horrible winter coughs and colds.

    4. Movement 

When you first get to the yard on a very cold day, you probably feel very cold. Once you have been mucking out, going to the muck heap, topping up bedding, carrying water buckets, putting hay in the stable or out in the field, poo picking, sweeping the yard, and even making up feeds, you notice you have warmed up. Movement is a great way to warm yourself up and of course, riding is the fun way to get warm.

    5. Best Friend 

I mustn’t forget our best friend/s and how I keep my horse Rudy warm.  There is a very simple answer to this, Rudy spent most of last winter in his Derby House Elite All-in-One turnout rug. I absolutely LOVE this rug as it fits Rudy perfectly, it is gathered at the top of neck for a great fit, the belly flap keeps his girth area dry and mud free (apart from the odd splat) and the strap under the tail flap (pull tail through loop) keeps his bottom snug and prevents the rug getting blown up. Then when it gets really cold, I just add the 100g under rug included with the Elite All-in one rug giving a total of 300g of warmth. I didn’t need to add the under rug until it dropped to -3 degrees. I almost can’t wait for it to get really cold just so I can change Rudy from either his Weatherbeeta rug which does look gorgeous on him, or his Unicorn rug, he looks so cute in it, for those chilly rainy days, to his awesome Elite All-in one turnout rug.


I hope you find some of my tips helpful even though I am sure you already know them all. I do have one last little tip not related to keeping warm. If you don’t have lights at the yard or field, use a head torch. You will always see me with my head torch from the end of September through to May as by the time I get to the yard after work, it is dark. I couldn’t manage without it and the brilliant thing about it is, it follows me around LOL.

That’s about it from me, so until next time, cuddle your horse or pony (they are also great for warming you up LOL), good luck if you are out competing and have loads of fun.  If you have any tips for the winter, please do share them with us. Bye for now and keep warm. Bella and Rudy 😊 xxx

Extended Christmas Returns at Derby House


We want you to get it right this Christmas, but we’re making it easy for you if you don’t…

All orders placed from November 1st will automatically qualify for our extended returns period. This means you will be able to return any unwanted gifts up to and including 31st January 2019. Our normal returns criteria remains unchanged.


Last Christmas Delivery Dates

Free Delivery up to 21:00 (GMT) on Wednesday 19th Dec 2018

For all Mainland UK* deliveries we will continue to provide a FREE Super Saver Delivery option up to and including 21:00 (GMT) on the 19th December – so if you want your item in time for Christmas but don’t want to pay for delivery, then order it before the 19th December.

*Excludes Channel Islands, Scottish Highlands, Republic of Ireland, The Isle of Mann & The Isle of Wight. The last FREE super saver Delivery for items currently stored in the store will be Tuesday 18th December 2018

Next Day Delivery available to 21:00 (GMT) on Friday 21st Dec 2018

Please enter your delivery country and postcode/Zip code on the basket page to give you your postal options. For most parts of the UK*, delivery in time for Christmas will be available until 21:00 (GMT) on the 21st of December for delivery with Saturday service. If the Pre-Christmas delivery option is not available then we cannot guarantee delivery before Christmas. Please call us if you have any concerns.

*Excludes Channel Islands, Scottish Highlands, Republic of Ireland, The Isle of Mann & The Isle of Wight.  The last Next Day Delivery for items currently stored in the store will be Thursday 20th December 2018

Extended Returns for Christmas

All orders placed from November 1st will automatically qualify for our extended returns period. This means you will be able to return any unwanted gifts up to and including 31st January 2018. Our normal returns criteria remains unchanged and after this period returns will revert back to our standard period of 30 days.

Christmas & New Year Holiday Opening

We are open and taking orders in the time between Christmas and New Year although deliveries and customer service functions will be restricted during that time.

Overseas Orders for Christmas

Please note for Overseas orders we cannot give guarantees on delivery dates before Christmas.

We expect all orders placed with free delivery up to and including 16.00 (GMT) on the 13th of December for Australia, Spain and Portugal, 11th for the USA, 17th for France and 18th for Germany to arrive in time for Christmas.

We expect all orders placed with upgraded delivery up to and including 16.00 (GMT) on the 19th of December for France and Germany, 17th for Spain, Portugal, Italy and Australia and the 19th for the USA.

Our top picks for men’s gifts.

It’s that time of year again when you need to start thinking about what to get the loved one in your life. With so much to choose from sometimes, it’s not always that easy so we have put together our top picks to give you a helping hand.

Like all our products our giftware has been specially selected for quality and style from top brands in the equestrian industry, so you can be rest assured you are getting the best product for him this Christmas.

Grays Shenton Hunter Tweed Wallet

Our first pick is this Grays Shenton Hunter Tweed Wallet, a bit different to your standard leather wallet with the tweed finish but perfect for a country loving gent. Made from fine cow leather and featuring an 8 card slot, zipped coin pocket, large note sleeve and finished off with a popper fastening.

What country loving gent doesn’t love a new shirt! This timeless style is perfect for days in the field, summer days at your favourite country show or even in the pub. Made from a durable cotton twill which is soft to the touch and features classic button cuffs. Available in a range of colours to suit any country look.

Joules Put A Sock in it Boxer shorts Pack

This set is a perfect stocking filler or will make a great extra gift for a loved one. The boxer shorts are made from a super soft cotton material with an elastic waistband and feature a fun print. While the soft cotton socks will ensure feet are kept warm this festive season. Available in a rugby or race day print.

Derby House Ribbed Beanie 

The Derby House Ribbed Beanie is a must have this coming season. This on-trend style features a fleece lining to ensure you are protected from the harsh, winter weather. This makes for a perfect gift for any gent that enjoys the great outdoors. Available in a range of colours too.


Ariat Wexford H20 Jodhpur Boots

These Ariat Boots are sure to put a smile on a loved ones face this Christmas. Made from a waterproof full grain leather upper and featuring a non-marking rubber sole. These versatile shoes are perfect for walking around county shows and smart enough for wearing to your favourite country pub.